Our Vision
Camber Advisors serves private equity investors and their portfolio companies. We deliver operational and technological expertise that helps businesses perform at their peak. For the investor, this translates into the ability to acquire investments wisely and operate them efficiently, thereby generating improved returns.
Who We Are
  • Partners: We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients. Bottom line, our success is your success.
  • Seasoned: Our team averages over 15 years of operations and consulting experience.
  • Accountable: We routinely take responsibility for producing specific, tangible results.
  • Quality:Our quality standards are rigorous, our deliverables customized for each client and project.
  • Objective: We only serve our clients’ best interests, and avoid relationships that can impair our objectivity.
featured services
  • Transaction Support - Due Diligence Advisory Services, Exit Support
  • Transition Support - 100-Day Planning, Merger Integration Planning / Synergy Identification
  • Transformation Services - Portfolio Company Performance Improvement through Cost Reduction, Revenue Enhancement, and Risk Management
  • Cross-Portfolio Services - Cross-Portfolio Procurement Aggregation, Enterprise and Portfolio Reporting Solutions
featured engagements
Procurement Aggregation
Established central procurement function for large PE investor managing $2.5B in 3rd party spend, which led to significant savings.
Merger Integration and Cost Reduction
Led the Program Management Office in the integration of two foreign language translation service and localization firms. Oversaw efforts to realize synergies and cost savings through workforce reduction and facilities consolidation.
Channel Enhancement
Assisted a catalog merchant with a major enhancement of its web presence. Project included the selection of web storefront and order management software, and the implementation of metrics and measurement processes.
IT Due Diligence
Completed over one hundred due diligence assignments from small add-ons to large acquisitions, in industries ranging from business services to manufacturing.